The Sexual Education of Gentlemen

Image“This is not to say that a young gentleman’s education in matters of sex is entirely neglected. His mother may mutter on about the birds and the bees but who wants to listen to all that rot when he can watch his pet guinea pigs in actions any day of the week? It is just that he cannot quite visualise himself doing the same thing and he secretly rather hopes that babies really are born under gooseberry bushes….

In more spacious days indulgent fathers used to have their sons instructed in the facts of life by introducing them to one of the many houses in London run by Madams who, so legend went, had hearts of gold. Nowadays, however, professional ladies find it more lucrative and less exhausting to devote themselves to comforting out-of-town businessmen, and young gentlemen find themselves relegated to the amateur league which operates around the coffee bars of the King’s Road, Chelsea. The enthusiastic free-for-all which has resulted has made London the envy of her continental neighbours.”


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