Middle-class trauma

So following on from the police injustice I suffered yesterday, I dreamt, last night, that I was walking down a street and some plain-clothes policeman stopped me to fine me for wearing no shoes. And I was like “hell, there’s no way I’m not wearing shoes in public” (turns out I has a Hick’s accent in this dream), but then I looked down at my feet and they were indeed bare (maybe I transformed entirely into Hick, after all). I begged and pleaded with the man, but he would have none of it. He kept telling me how the law was there for my own good and I needed to take care of my feet. I walked off in shame and spent the rest of the dream trying to find my past-lover to give him a hand-embroidered (not by moi) tablecloth, but he was doing a very good job of ignoring me while wearing aviator sunglasses (fuck knows what’s going on in the dark recesses of my mind).

Needless to say, I’m feeling rather traumatised and now can’t cross the street without thinking someone’s going to jump out of the bushes and shout: “Freeze, its da Po-leese”


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