Why are people such awful shitheads?

This is a genuine question. We are so awful to each other on a daily basis. And I’m all about forgiveness, genuine deep-felt forgiveness and understanding. But I’m also so tired of trying to justify and understand shitty behaviour because of other people’s insecurities. They are their insecurities after all, why should I have to deal with the consequences?  I forced myself to grow up and deal with the world and all my shit (granted, I still have a lot of growing up and shit-dealing to do), why can’t others make the effort?

Why? Tell me.


1 thought on “Why are people such awful shitheads?

  1. Maybe they make the effort, but are still at a different point in their process than you are. Or, you see the stuff that you need to see so that you can help them in some way or help yourself in some way. Or, they are inherently defective and you just need to pour them a glass of fine whiskey and tell them to shut the hell up. One of the three.

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