New Year in July

So I have had the worst six months of my life. Involving illness, terrible heartache, friendship loss and a harsh reassessment of my life in general and the purpose I aim to serve in this world. Today is, however, the 1 July and I aim to begin 2012 afresh. I am washing the slate clean. The world gave me a raw deal, stole my story away from me and left me on the outside to watch the horror of a new narrator unfold.

I’m done with this usurpation though. I am claiming my life back. One of my new year’s resolutions for 2012 was to run more often. I began my new year in July with a run. I had also aimed to practice my violin more and failed miserably in that regard. Yesterday, I asked my teacher to give me a daily routine and as from today I aim to implement it as thoroughly as I can. Yesterday, after having a long conversation with past-lover, I came home to an amazingly vivid rainbow over my apartment. Now I’m not religious at all and only vaguely spiritual, but I appreciate a fucking beautiful rainbow when it comes my way and I’m claiming it as a sign of regaining control over my life again. I’m back, with as much beauty, love, rage, wonder and administrative ineptitude to share as ever. Watch out.

To celebrate New Year in July, I give you:

What better way to start a new year than with Fleetwood Mac-inspired love?


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